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Young Penalists

Within the framework of the Association Internationale de Droit Pénal (AIDP) / International Association of Penal Law (IADP), the Young Penalists and the Young Penalists Committee strive to be a valuable, modern and international platform that assists young scholars and practitioners in developing their academic and professional careers.

For additional activities of and news on the Young Penalists, please refer the website of the Young Penalists Committee at

Young Penalists Committee

At each International Congress of Penal Law, a group of seven Young Penalists is elected to serve as the Young Penalists Committee. The members of the Committee represent the Young Penalists in the executive organs of the Association, serve as a focal point for the involvement of Young Penalists in the Association, and facilitate activities and opportunities for Young Penalists.

The Young Penalists Committee appointed in Rome (november 2019) for the period 2019-2024 consists of:

  • Francesco MAZZACUVA (Italy) - President of the Young Penalists Committee
  • Renata BARBOSA (Brazil)
  • Francisco FIGUEROA (Argentina)
  • 越智萌 Megumi OCHI (Japan)
  • Miren ODRIOZOLA (Spain)
  • Nicola RECCHIA (Germany)
  • BAI Luyuan (China)

Young Penalist Representatives to the Executive Organs 

  • Board of Directors (3 members): Francesco MAZZACUVA, Renata BARBOSA, Megumi OCHI
  • Executive Committee (1 member): Francesco MAZZACUVA
  • Scientific Committee (2 members): Francisco FIGUEROA, Nicola RECCHIA
  • Editorial Board (2 members): BAI Luyuan, Nicola RECCHIA