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Decision of the Board of Directors on the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine and ensuring accountability for international core crimes

Dear members of the AIDP,

Under our consultative status at the Council of Europe, the Board of Directors have decided to endorse the draft opinion of the European Committee on Crime Problems (CDPC) on the


“The Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine: ensuring accountability for serious violations of international humanitarian law and other crimes”

The Board of Directors considers that the main objectives of the opinion correspond fully to the mission and core values of the AIDP, as laid down in Article 2 (Principles) of its by-laws.

For these reasons the Board of Directors endorses the following content and paragraphs of the draft opinion of the CDPC :

  • The CPDC strongly condemns the manifestly illegal invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation and supports calls to ensure justice and accountability for crimes committed in relation to armed conflict in Ukraine, including core international crimes such as war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and the crime of aggression.
  • The CDPC notes that while national authorities have the primary responsibility to investigate any suspected perpetrators of these crimes, other states may play a crucial role in supporting these proceedings, particularly through mutual legal assistance procedures, sharing of evidence and information, extradition and other forms of support as deemed necessary.
  • The CDPC welcomes the Parliamentary Assembly’s call for member and observer States of the Council of Europe to support the ICC Prosecutor in the task of investigating and prosecuting suspected perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity and, possibly, genocide.
  • The CDPC takes note of the proposal to establish an ad hoc international criminal tribunal to prosecute the crime of aggression allegedly committed by the political leaders and military commanders of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. The CDPC considers that such an international criminal tribunal could fill an accountability gap regarding the crime of aggression due to political and legal impediments noted in the accompanying Resolution.

The Board of Directors has also decided to submit to the CDPC a selection of AIDP’s resolutions that might be relevant for the negotiations on the opinion.  

Kind regards,

John Vervaele

President of AIDP