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e-Revue Internationale de Droit Pénal 

( ISSN - 2522-2945 ) 







A-01- AI nd the Administration of Criminal Justice in Italy. By Mitja GIALUZ and Serena QUATTROCOLO

A-02- ‘Predictive policing’, ‘Predictive Justice’, and the use of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in the Administration of Criminal Justice in Germany. By Johanna SPRENGER and Dominik BRODOWSKI

A-03- Rapport du Canada sur l’IA et l'Administration de la Justice. By Pr. Karim BENYEKHLEF*, Ad.E. et Gabriel LEFEBVRE

A-04- AI and  Administration of Criminl Justice. Report on The Netherlands. By ​Maša GALIČ, Abhijit DAS and Marc SCHUILENBURG

A-05-Predictive policing and predictive justice in the Spanish legal system: current situation and lege ferenda ideas before future applications. By Jordi GIMENO BEVIÁ

A-06- Greek report on AI and Administration of Justice. By Maria Kaiafa GBANDI, Athina SACHOULIDOU and Dafni LIMA

A-07- AI and Administration of Justice in Russia. By Vladislav GUBKO, Margarita NOVOGONSKAYA, Pavel STEPANOV and Maria YUNDINA

A-08- AI and the Administration of Justice in the United States of America: Predictive Policing and Predictive Justice. By Emily SILVERMAN

A-09-  AI and Administration of Justice: Predictive policing, predictive Justice and Evidence Law. Belgian Report. By Daniel DE WOLF

A-10- L’Intelligence artificielle et l'Administration de la Justicie: La police et la justice prédictives- Perspectives françaises. By Emmanuelle GINDRE et Margot CHAMBON

A- 11- AI and Administration of Criminal Justice. Portuguese Report. By Anabela MIRANDA RODRIGUES, Sónia FIDALGO and Ana PAIS

A-12- AI and Administration of Justice in China. By Haiyan WANG

A-13- Artificial Intelligence and the Administration of Criminal Justice: Predictive Policing and Predictive Justice. Australia Report. By Rick SARRE & Ben LIVINGS

A- 14- Report on Artificial Intelligence and the Administration of Justice in the United Kingdom Predictive Justice. By Elizabeth TIARKS

A- 15- Predictive Policing and Predictive Justice, and Evidence. Finnish National Report. By Sofia SÖDERHOLM, Raimo LAHTI and Lauri LAHTI, and Juhana RIEKKINEN

A- 16- Turkish report on AI and Administration of Justice. By Irmak ERDOĞAN, Selin Çetin KUMKUMOĞLU and Ahmet Kemal KUMKUMOĞLU

A- 17- AI and Administration of Justice. Policing and predictive Justice in Argentina. By C. SUEIRO et al

 A- 18- Special Report. The role of AI-based systems in negotiated proceedings. By Fantoly Zsanett, Herke Csongor and Szabó Barbara

A- 19- The Recent Jurisprudence of The European Court of Human Rights On Extradition: A Significant Change In The Trend. By Maria ELÓSEGUI ITXASO

A- 20- AI and Administration of Justice- Predictive Policing and Predictive Justice. Polish report. By Martyna Kusak, Sławomir Steinborn, Dobrosława Szumiło-Kulczycka, Małgorzata Wąsek-Wiaderek, Krzysztof Woźniewski

A- 21- Investigation of Transnational Organized Crime. Techniques and Methods for Identifying and Seizure of Proceeds. By Petre Buneci, Nicolae Grofu and Bogdan Buneci

A- 22- Border Organized Crime and Seizure of the Proceeds. By Constantin Duvac, Mihai Adrian Hotca and Norel Neagu